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There's An Emerging 'Alt-Jihad' Movement In The U.S.
But It's Not Muslims Who Are Pushing It...

March 15, 2017  •  Independent Journal Review

The "alt-right" and the "alt-left" are recent terms to describe extreme sides of the political spectrum. While the members of the "alt-" movements may feel comfortable trying to attach themselves to other travelers on the right and left, most members of the traditional conservative and liberal spectrum reject the extreme un-American nature of the alt-movements.

The insidious, myopic, and extreme nature of one movement in particular has inspired me to coin a new term: the "alt-Jihad."

Everyone knows the "jihad" of violent and Islamist supremacism. Jihadists are those who advocate the establishment of a caliphate, or any so-called "Islamic state," via violent or nonviolent (but no less supremacist) means.

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The Muslim Reform Movement: Even more necessary a year in

December 6, 2016  •  Asia Times

On December 4, 2015, Muslim leaders from the United States, Canada and Europe convened in Washington, DC to embark on an urgently needed mission: to demand, as a collective, bold and deep reforms within the Muslim community.

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The DNC Will Be Betraying Reformist Muslims If They Pick Keith Ellison As Chairman

November 25, 2016  •  Independent Journal Review

Following the election of Donald J. Trump, the Left went into a veritable frenzy – from predicting that president-elect Trump will rule like the worst dictators in history to organizing mass protests not just of his comments, but of the election itself. To what specific end? No one knows. Yet, he has not governed for one day.

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After Qandeel Baloch's murder, is the world finally waking up to 'honor killings'?

August 5, 2016  •  Asia Times

The case of Qandeel Baloch, the "Kim Kardashian" of Pakistan, has rightly captured international headlines. A social media phenomenon, Baloch was known for posts that were provocative in the context of her home culture, even if they would be considered rather benign to many in the West, and certainly in the United States.

Honor-based violence – a type of violence in which families, sometimes with the help of the broader community, punish a victim (usually female) for a perceived social or sexual indiscretion, has long been a plague. This is certainly true in Pakistan – most especially in more insular communities where a more regressive interpretation of Islam is enforced.

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The Moral Imperative to Prevent-Not Just Name-Genocide
Responding to ISIS and Genocide

April 27, 2016  •  Religious Freedom Project

As the threat of ISIS rages on, and the terror organization continues to target minorities-especially minority Yezidis, Muslims, Christians, and women-it is natural and right for the world to classify ISIS as genocidal, and treat their crimes accordingly.

There is no denying the barbarity of ISIS, the danger it poses, or the urgency of the threat. The group has beheaded dissidents, targeted civilians, raped women and children, enslaved towns, issued hit lists, and recruited children from the United States to carry out its murderous agenda. I don't doubt for a second the conclusion that the group wishes to carry out mass murder on an even greater scale.

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