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I was bullied for criticizing Hamas

August 23, 2014  •  AZ Central

What happens in Syria, Egypt, Iraq or Gaza has an impact every day right here in the Valley.

Even in America, leading Muslim organizations and clerics bully with threats of ostracism those Muslims who dare to dissent. Old-guard ideologues, too, used to monopoly control, make it crystal clear to their Muslim critics: Take us on and we will make an example of you as a traitor to the Muslim community (the ummah).

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How to loosen Boko Haram's hold on Nigeria

May 8, 2014  •  Christian Science Monitor

While this year marks the 100th anniversary of Nigeria's nationhood, many Nigerians find themselves more alarmed and sorrowful than celebratory. Since the new year, the terrorist group Boko Haram has killed hundreds in its continuing campaign to destabilize Nigeria, deepen the Muslim/Christian divide, and create a state ruled by strict sharia (Islamic law). The recent mass kidnapping of at least 200 schoolgirls – as well as the gruesome bombing at a busy bus stop in Abuja, Nigeria's capital – graphically underscores Boko Haram's continued threat to the nation's future.

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The fifth commandment is more than a directive

April 20, 2014  •  Deseret News

The Quran, which Muslims believe to be the revealed word of God, contains the essence of nine of the Ten Commandments. (The only one we do not share is the Sabbath.) The fifth commandment to "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land, the Lord your God is giving you" contains lessons for today that both Muslims and non-Muslims should heed.

The fifth commandment is more than a directive. Unlike other commandments, it contains a promise from God. The spirit of the fifth commandment can be found throughout Islamic tradition. Muslims are commanded to honor our parents and are reminded that we will be judged for whatever "good or evil" we have done in following Quranic directives.

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Getting Assad regime out serves American interests

August 26, 2013  •  The Orange County Register

In foreign policy, negligence paves the way for the forces of evil to overpower the forces of good. Washington's negligence with regard to Syria has left the people for dead. In the context of the Assad regime's genocidal horrors against them, they are spinning into a vortex of destitution, foreign exploitation and radicalization.

The real roots of the uprising didn't begin in 2011. The people of Syria long knew the immovable force of evil they had to confront. The revolution only exposed the horrors that Syrians had experienced for 50 years.

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Threading the needle of democracy in Egypt

August 7, 2013  •  Jewish News

In a word, Egypt is a mess. But which democracies in history arose from order? Which tyrannical dictatorships ended their regimes with an epiphany in favor of freedom and gave their nation an orderly exit?

The hope and promise of a democratic awakening of the "Arab spring" that rocked Cairo and the Egyptian people in January 2011 has given way to the grim realities of a society long cultivated by tyranny. One year cannot right the course of democracy away from two generations of tyranny and corruption.

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